Thursday, March 29, 2012

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75 Carroll County Landowners Sue Chesapeake Exploration

Kristy Foster at published a story today detailing a lawsuit filed on March 22 on behalf of 75 landowners and concerning over 3,000 acres against Chesapeake Exploration for unfair lease practices in Carroll County.

The landowners are alleging that horizontal drilling (fracking) will be "dramatically more disruptive" than what they signed off on when originally signing leases with Anschutz Exploration, and they are hoping that a provision that protects a landowners right to receive fair value for their land will help them to break out of the leases they've signed.  More after the jump...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Independent Petroleum Association Insists That More Drilling Would Lower Gas Prices

Oil industry disagrees with experts about U.S. drilling
Yesterday we posted several links to quotes from 20 experts and to an Associated Press article which gave strong reasons to believe that more domestic drilling wouldn't lower gas prices.

The Independent Petroleum Association has released a report that argues for the opposing viewpoint, stating that increased drilling in the U.S. would effect prices at the pump.  Here is a link to an article from National Review about this report.

Certainly the pain at the pump is something we all share and have on our minds.  Some would argue that if the oil companies are just looking to cash in, that increased domestic production would be cheaper for them but those savings would not necessarily be passed along to the consumer.  While the relationship between gas prices and oil company profits is a complicated one, it is hard for most to wrap their head around the concept of $4.00 gas prices having little connection to big oil companies consistently posting profits of over $30 billion a quarter.  The oil companies argue that the cost of gasoline is most attributable to taxes and other factors out of their control.

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More News About Jobs Coming to Ohio

Cartoon from
In continuing evidence of the jobs and economic benefits of the shale boom (you wouldn't think further evidence was needed to convince anyone that these are the benefits, but then again...), two recent articles highlight how more work is coming to Ohio.

The first comes from the Mahoning Valley Tribune Chronicle, and it looks at how Shell Oil's $2.7 billion cracker plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania stands to benefit the Mahoning Valley, which is less than 50 miles away.

"Many of those chemicals don't travel very well,  so they're going to have to build plants around the cracker," said Mark Kvamme, who is the president of JobsOhio.  "We see a huge opportunity in the petrochemical business, plastic business, also manufacturing, within about 100 miles of the plant."  More after the jump...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BP Confirms $331 Million Gas Lease Deal in Trumbull County

BP is leasing approximately 85,000 acres in Trumbull County, as the Utica shale boom continues to boost the state economy.

Landowners will receive $3,900 per acre in up-front lease payments.  Read the full (but very brief) story at

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Will More Drilling in U.S. Lower Gas Prices? The Numbers Say No

Gas prices are a source of frustration for many as they continue to rise higher and higher.  Gas and oil industry leaders are calling for President Obama to allow more domestic drilling and adjust his domestic policy by loosening environmental regulations and not raising taxes on the industry, claiming that this would bring relief at the pump.

Analysts disagree, and in a tremendous article the Associated Press looks at the historical data regarding domestic oil production and gas prices.  The conclusion seems obvious:  more domestic drilling will not, on its own, lower gas prices.  In fact, there seems to be no correlation at all.  More after the jump...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Carroll County Busy & Productive Utica Shale Site Already, But It's Only Beginning

And they're off!
Chesapeake Energy holds 1.35 million acres of land leases in Ohio, and has drilled or is in the process of drilling 56 wells - with 52 permits in Carroll County alone.  Those are just a couple of the numbers revealing Chesapeake's dominance of the Ohio Utica shale scene in the early going.

A new article from the Akron Beacon Journal reveals how much company Chesapeake is gaining in Ohio as more and more players snatch up land leases and come to the state to get their share of the wealth from the oil and gas rich Utica shale formation.  Enervest Ltd., Anadarko Petroleum Corp., Devon Energy Production Co, Hess Energy, XTO Energy Ltd. (an ExxonMobil Corp. subsidiary), Chevron Corp., HG Energy, CNX Gas Co. Ltd., Range Resources Corp., Anschutz Exploration Corp., Carrizo Oil & Gas, and Antero Resources have all also gotten in on the game.  More after the jump...

40 New Jobs Listed in The Daily Digger Contractor Connections

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A Tale of Fracking Woes

Is Chesapeake evil?  (Photo from
Chesapeake Energy and other drilling companies that frack have no regard for quality of life in the areas where they drill, according to a recent article from

The site attacks Chesapeake in particular and the oil and gas industry in general throughout the article, citing Wetzel County resident Rose Baker.

Baker says that her quality of life has gone from a 10 to a 3 because of the fracking activity in her area, and that government officials are too corrupt to do the right thing and stop the drilling companies.  The article also states as a fact that fracking has polluted Baker's drinking water, despite offering no scientific support for the claim (the EPA is testing the water in Wetzel County).

More of Baker's story can be found on, where a presentation she gave at an anti-fracking meeting is detailed.  Click through to the jump to read about her presentation, and then share your thoughts in the forum.  Is any of the noise coming from activists enough to change your opinion on fracking?

Another Article, a Lot More Testing, and the Same Conclusion: No Harm to Public Health from Drilling

An article in The Wheeling Intelligencer details how environmental and public health experts both agree that there has been no negative impact to public health from drilling activity in the area.

Officials have assisted residents in testing their water before and after fracking and found no ill effects.  They also stay in contact with area hospitals and the Ohio County Emergency Management Agency to monitor for increased workplace accidents or any other public health issues that could be traced to drilling, such as sicknesses being reported by those living near drilling sites.  No negative findings have been reported.

Is There Enough Water in Ohio For Fracking?

Environmental groups are warning that the amount of water required for fracking could threaten wildlife and public drinking water supplies.

"There isn't enough water to go around," says Lee Harper, a member of the Southeast Ohio Alliance to Save Our Water.

Government officials disagree.  They are working with oil and gas drillers to make sure that they get the water they need for shale exploration, according to a new article in the Columbus Dispatch.  More after the jump...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Preparing For the Future of Shale Development: Pipeline Easements

How should a landowner respond if a landman shows up asking about an easement across their property?  Area residents need to be prepared for this, especially now that we know that 200 miles of pipeline are soon going to be placed between the two facilities making up the Chesapeake Energy processing operation.

A recent article by Kristy Foster at covers the story of Stanley and Diane Miller, and then shares some good advice for landowners facing a decision about a pipeline easement.  More after the jump...

Energy In Depth Exposes the Truth in Response to Another Anti-Fracking Attack

EID to Paul Gallay:  Liar, liar pants on fire
Because there are so many concerns arising from the amount of noise made by individuals and organizations that have aligned themselves in opposition to the oil and gas industry in general, and fracking in particular, I think it's good to cover both sides of the continuing debate in the blog periodically to provide added data and help everyone in the area to gain additional insight into the facts behind the abundance of reports and statements out there.

Another example of an anti-fracker getting carried away in order to stir up others to feel the same way they do was exposed by - who else - Energy In Depth recently.  Paul Gallay, representing New York Riverkeeper, flew to California to...I don't know, I guess to incite attendees of the ECO:nomics conference against fracking.  Taking just two of the statements that Gallay insisted were facts and examining them against reality, EID rips his argument apart.

A snippet:

Columbiana to Harrison Pipeline Officially Announced

During the Marcellus Midstream Conference & Exhibition in Pittsburgh this week, plans were officially announced for Chesapeake Energy and its partners to run a 12-inch diameter pipeline between Columbiana and Harrison counties to connect the northern and southern portions of the $900 million processing plant previously announced.  It will add up to 200 miles of pipeline across Harrison, Jefferson, Columbiana, and Carroll counties.  More after the jump...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Carroll Golden Age Retreat Express Concerns During Emotional Meeting

We have reported a couple of times in past posts about the Carroll County land that has been purchased for commercial development on Kensington Road near the county home.

A recent public meeting allowed the home supervisor as well as residents to voice their concerns and ask questions about the sale of land and how it will effect the establishment and its current and future residents.  Carroll County Commissioners Jeff Ohler, Doyle Hawk, and Tom Wheaton attended the meeting and fielded questions.  More after the jump...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Share Your Pictures and Win Prizes

Have you taken some pictures of the activity going on in Carroll County and/or the surrounding areas?  Do you want to share those pictures with other interested residents and view their pictures too?

We want to give you a place to exchange and share the amazing sights that tell the story of what's happening in the areas affected by the shale boom!  That's why we've started a dedicated thread in the Carroll County section of the Daily Digger Forum for you to post pictures of some of the things you see as you go around the county.  As people from other counties bring their pictures, we can start new threads in those sections as well.

So if you have a picture, head over to the forum and share it!  As we get some people sharing pictures in the forum, we'll start selecting one picture each week to be featured on the blog page.  The winner of the photo of the week will receive a prize, courtesy of The Daily Digger and CityScapes Artwork!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

View Detailed Ohio Well Information in Google Earth

Many have viewed the Google Earth map images we posted the other day showing the wells in Carroll and Stark Counties.  They give an interesting look at the amount of activity going on in the area.

Now you'll be glad to know that you can download the Google Earth Ohio well map files from the Daily Digger Forum.  You will have to register as a member (don't worry, it's free!) to access the "Well Maps" board and download the files.  You will also have to download Google Earth for your computer (there is a link to the latest Google Earth download in the thread - it's free too).  Once the files are opened in Google Earth you will be able to easily access detailed information on all Ohio wells.

From the "Well Maps" board, we have also linked to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources "Oil and Gas Fields and Wells" map, although it is a little bit harder to use than the Google Earth maps.

Just click on the "Visit Our Forum" box below to get started!

Thanks to BICS at GMS for uploading the maps.

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Energy in Depth Rips Into Another "Frack Attack"

EID doesn't buy CSPH report
According to the Colorado School of Public Health, there are significant health risks associated with living close to a natural gas and oil development site - especially if fracking is involved.  The report garnered quite a bit of attention and generated a few ominous media headlines.  In response, Energy in Depth points out how risky it would be to take CSPH's study conclusions at face value.

In a recent post, EID attempts to tear the report released by CSPH to shreds by pointing out eight inputs used as a basis for conclusions which are "egregious" and "cast serious doubt on the results produced by the modeling exercise."  I'll summarize the post here, but you can read it yourself, along with the actual CSPH report, and reach your own conclusion about whether or not the study really does give valid reason to be concerned if you live near a drilling site.

The eight inputs that EID points to as serious problems in the report are:

Want to Get One of the New Shale Jobs? Here's Step One

Jobs related to the shale boom have already begun pouring into our area, and it's only the beginning.  The new processing plant in Columbiana County is expected to create 100 to 150 high-paying jobs, along with other expansion projects and the ancillary jobs created because of the effect of the oil industry.

Are you one of the many who will be looking to get in on the action as these jobs get filled?  It's certainly an exciting opportunity for many who may have been looking for steady employment for some time.  More after the jump...  

Landowners Need to Know What to Do if They Have an Old Lease

With all of the leases being offered to Ohio residents, many have run into the same problem: old mineral leases needing to be cleared from their property before they can sign a new agreement.

These old leases can at time provide an obstacle for landowners looking to cash in on the big bonuses that are being paid out, but as an article in The Marietta Times points out, Ohio law provides a means to remove outdated lease agreements and regain control of your mineral rights in order to sign a new lease in many cases.  More after the jump...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shale Boom Creates Plenty of Work for Ohio State Geologist

Larry Wickstrom has seen a lot in 29 years with the Ohio Geological Survey.  That experience makes him an interesting man to talk to as Ohioans keep trying to get a handle on just how much things are changing as gas and oil companies stream into the state.

A new article at contains several interesting quotes from Wickstrom, who is Ohio's State Geologist and Division Chief with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Division of Geological Survey.  He explains how this new boom in Ohio is different from booms in the past, as well as how it is the same.  More after the jump...

See Which Chemicals Are Being Pumped Into the Ground Near You

With the concerns many have expressed over fracking and potential water contamination, the oil and gas industry has taken steps to be more transparent for the public.

One such step is the website, where you can find out about fracking and even view an interactive map with area wells, each of which is linked to a PDF file containing a disclosure of which chemicals have been used at the site.  Check out the map feature here.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Location of Columbiana County Plant Revealed? And How Will it Affect Carroll County?

While questions still abound in connection with Chesapeake Energy's announcement that they are partnering with M3 Midstream and EV Energy Partners to build a $900 million natural gas processing plant in Columbiana County, M3 seems to have revealed more about the location on their website.

As seen in the picture here, M3 - which does business under the name Momentum - refers to the facility as the "Kensington Plant" and pinpoints it as being in the Kensington area, very close to the Columbiana/Carroll County border.

Momentum will design and build the Columbiana processing plant as well as the Harrison County fractionation plant, where the shale gas can be stored and transferred.  All of this, as well as a pipeline between the two facilities, is part of the $900 million price tag.  More after the jump...

New Article Considers the Effect of Shale Boom Moving into Stark County, the web home of Massillon's newspaper, posted an article recently that takes a look at the impact Stark County is feeling as the oil and gas industry begins to increase its presence in the area.

While many in Carroll County are getting a pretty good handle on how different life is going to be now that the Utica shale exploration is kicking into high gear, the initial wave of excitement in Stark is really just taking hold.  The article gives an overview of many things covered previously here at The Daily Digger, but it is still an interesting read.  Check it out and then come back and discuss what's happening in Stark County here in the comments or on the message boards.

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Chesapeake to Hold Job Fair at Kent State Stark

Owly Images

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VIDEO: New Carroll County Drilling Site

Check out the video after the jump to see the new drilling site in Carroll County, as we keep bringing you footage of the changing landscape of the area.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Modular Homes Coming to Carrollton

 Planned Mace Rd. modular housing location
The Carrollton Free Press Standard reported this week that Utica Shale Housing Group, LLC has announced and discussed with village officials their plans to place over 30 total modular homes at two Carrollton sites in the coming months.

These ranch style homes would be designed to meet the housing needs of transient oil and gas workers.  "Our modular rentals are move-in ready and come fully furnished with flat screen TVs in each bedroom and living room, security systems, small fridges in each bedroom and larger unit in kitchen, washer/dryer, weekly maid service, weekly mowing and snow removal, all utilities paid, and access to group entertainment events," says Dan Coen, a partner in the housing group.  He noted that maid service, lawn care and snow removal would be handled by local companies.  More after the jump...

View Carroll County Utica Well Sites on a Map

Just click the "Read More" link to view all of the Carroll County well sites on a Google Earth image, as well as a map showing just the Utica sites in Carroll County and another displaying the Utica sites in Stark County, where Canton has declared itself "The Utica Capital."

Quick Link Rundown for the week of March 12, 2012

Here is a run-down of some oil and gas related news stories that we didn't get to cover in detail here at The Daily Digger this week, but which you might want to check out.

Mineral City man drilling for success:  a driller defends his job and his industry.

Ohio Looks to 'Do It Right' as Shale Boom Revives Steel:  a look at some of the debate over what safeguards are necessary as Ohio leaders balance economic and environmental concerns.

Scarce Oil?  U.S. Has 60 Times More than Obama Claims:  an article that examines how much oil there really is in the U.S., and how it contrasts with some of the statements being made.

Shale gas developers looking for leases near Cuyahoga Valley National Park:  shale development moving to Summit County as lease offers start coming in.

If you find a story that you think should be featured on The Daily Digger, just drop us a line by emailing or calling 330-576-4809 Ext. 115.  And remember, you can discuss anything (even if it has nothing to do with the oil and gas development) over at The Daily Digger Forum.

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Governor's Tax Revisions Held Up by Ohio House

For Governor John Kasich, the struggle on his new bill is beginning.

Kasich has proposed massive changes to the Ohio tax code, and the Canton Repository reports that the Ohio House has delayed the bill in order to review it more closely.  The governor has expressed his disappointment with their decision.

Ohio House Finance Chairman Ron Amstutz has indicated that the representatives simply need more time to review the implications of the proposed changes.  "Given the size of this set of recommendations, we are beginning an 'all hands on deck' process to give full attention to the necessary work ahead of us," Amstutz said.  More after the jump...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another Excellent Article on Fracking, this Time from National Review

Many different sources on the web claim to present the truth about fracking.  And several of these sources claim that the truth about fracking is that it poses no risk to our health when it is done right, while several more appear to feel that the truth is that fracking will destroy the world.  Someone is wrong.

A recent article on fracking from National Review - entitled, appropriately but predictably, The Truth About Fracking - brings up some points about the process that aren't usually talked about, while also dealing with some points that we have already touched on here at The Daily Digger (such as the fact that Gasland director Josh Fox has admitted to omitting facts that he deemed irrelevant in order to create a more sensational effect in his anti-fracking documentary).  More after the jump...

Granger Township Residents Keep Pursuing Contaminated Water Lawsuit

Can you win a lawsuit based on scientific and chemical claims when the scientific and chemical facts are stacked against you?  It would appear that Mark and Sandra Mangan of Granger Township are hoping so, at least according to a recent article from Energy in Depth Ohio.

Alleging a primary concern of contaminated water from fracking activity in their area, the couple has been going after Landmark 4 LLC at the local and state level with no success.  They have now chosen - along with William and Stephanie Boggs, another area couple - to file federal lawsuits, according to an article in the Medina Gazette.  More after the jump...

Can Fracking Have a Negative Impact on Your Mortgage?

A recent article at suggests that fracking activity could have a toxic effect on your mortgage if you sign a lease with the oil and gas industry.

Quoting some of the main points from the article:

Friday, March 16, 2012

Contractor Connections on The Daily Digger Now 100% Free

If you are a business owner or HR representative looking to hire new employees, we want to help you find qualified candidates here at The Daily Digger!  It is now free to post an available job position in the "Contractor Connection" boards at The Daily Digger forum.  Just register (for free) and create a new thread for your job posting.

Contractors or others looking to offer your services, you can also still utilize the Contractor Connection center for free.  Head over to the forum and post now!

Email or call 330-576-4809 Ext. 115 for assistance in posting.

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Athens County Has Split Opinion on Drilling

College green at Ohio University
A couple of weeks ago we reported on a story about a town hall meeting at Ohio University which oil and gas industry critics pointed to as an example of deception on the part of Cunningham Energy representatives.

Now, a new Ohio University survey of Athens County residents reveals that they are almost evenly split over the idea of fracking in the area.

A recent article from The Athens News contains a lot of numbers and details about the survey, but I'll try to just hit on some of the more interesting details.  I'll go ahead and say here that all percentages are approximate, just so that I don't have to keep typing "around" and "about."  More after the jump...

Fracking funny cartoon ?

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Pennsylvania Town Sees Their Water Cleared by EPA

Dimock, Pennsylvania has gotten quite a bit of attention in recent months.  Yesterday didn't bring the outcome that residents expected or hoped for.

After Dimock residents complained that fracking by Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. (COG) had contaminated their drinking water with methane, making it hazardous to their health.  They called for the federal government to intervene in their dispute with Cabot.

However, as reported in several places yesterday and today, including Bloomberg Businessweek and, EPA test results on eleven wells in the area has revealed no hazardous chemical levels.  In a statement released by the EPA yesterday they said that the tests revealed sodium, methane, chromium, or bacteria, but only at levels "within the safe range."  More after the jump...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Opposition Mounts to Governor's Tax Proposal

Last week we discussed the tax changes that Governor John Kasich is proposing, which would increase the tax obligation on companies pulling natural gas from the ground while decreasing the income tax for Ohioans.  In our post on the topic, we mentioned that the plan was sure to meet opposition.

While that couldn't exactly be considered going out on a limb, it doesn't change the fact that we were right.

The Marion Star reports that the tax plan proposed by the Governor is getting a mixed reaction.  More after the jump...

New Video Shows Changing Scenery in Carroll County

Anyone who has lived in Carroll County for a while can tell you that it's changing in the wake of the shale gas boom.  There are a lot of new cars and trucks cruising around, and there aren't too many places available to buy or rent.

And the beautiful scenery of Carroll County isn't the same as it used to be.  Drilling sites, sites where drilling equipment is being stored, big trucks can't ignore the telltale signs that the oil and gas industry has a large presence in the community.  For some, this is a perfectly acceptable side effect of economic growth and lower natural gas prices.  For others, it's disappointing to see Ohio's Daffodil County lose some of its picturesque landscapes.  VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP...

We Are Fixing the Problem with the Video

Earlier we posted a YouTube video showing some of the changing sights in Carroll County.  Unfortunately, YouTube blocked the video because of some of the music we used in it.

We are swapping out the audio and will repost the blog story with the video as soon as this process is complete.  Sorry for the inconvenience!  It played on YouTube before we posted here, so I didn't realize there were any problems.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Columbiana County Set to be Site of $900 Million Plant

In an exciting development for the state economy and Columbiana County in particular, Chesapeake Energy has announced plans to partner with M3 Midstream and EV Energy Partners to build a $900 million natural gas processing plant in the area.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, no employment estimates were available at this time.  However, it will clearly provide more job opportunities for Ohioans.

Jerry James, president of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association, said the plant would be the largest of its type in the state.  "I'm happy they're locating it in Ohio and will employ Ohioans," he said.  More after the jump...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Those Who Frack and Those Who Don't = The Haves and the Have-Nots

Ithaca waterfall
What kind of difference can gas drilling really make on a community's economy?  A new article suggests that the economic gap between cities that frack and those who don't is so large that it is foolish to argue against drilling. posted a guest article which describes the different situations of Williamsport, PA and Ithaca, NY.  These two cities are similar at a glance, with similar sizes, populations, and per capita incomes.  They also both sit on the Marcellus Shale gas reserves.  More after the jump...

Forbes Summarizes Recent Fracking Developments

While most of what is touched on in a new article on has already been covered here in the blog, it still serves as an interesting summary and opinion piece concerning some of the recent news stories related to fracking.

Forbes writer Christopher Helman shares some thoughts on Ohio's ruling that earthquakes in the Youngstown area were related to wastewater disposal and not fracking, on the EPA's decision to re-examine its findings in Pavillion, Wyoming, and on an investigation in Pennsylvania which determined that poor well construction led to water contamination and not the fracking process.

Check out the article and then discuss it here!

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Two Companies Announce Jefferson County Plans

Heavy Duty Industrial Services is one shale-industry-related company already doing business in Jefferson County.  They'll have company soon. reports that Environmental Management Specialists has bought property in Steubenville and expects to have a site operational on April 1st.  The company expects to create 15 new positions this year and more moving forward.

Power Torque Services, a Louisiana-based company, has leased property in Steubenville and expects to be up and running soon.  PTS expects to add 12-15 jobs immediately and up to 15 more later.

They join Heavy Duty, which has already been operating from their Wintersville location with 20-30 employees.

See a video report after the jump...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Man Arrested for Assaulting Officer at Drilling Site

David Walker was determined to get video of the oil and gas drilling site, and he didn't like being told to go home.

In the end, he wound up going to jail instead.

According to a report at Walker, 54, lives on McCallum Ave NE and when he showed up at a drilling site on Edison Ave NE last night he was intent on getting some video.  When a security guard told him he couldn't come onto the site, Walker threatened to return the next day and "deal with all of [them]."  More after the jump...

New Engineering Companies Coming to Our Area

Stark County is welcoming new engineering companies to the area as a result of the shale boom, and they're bringing new job opportunities with them.

A recent article at reports that three engineering firms are establishing offices in the Canton area, and while the primary focus is capturing work from the gas and oil industry, they will be looking to compete for other engineering work as well.

Rettew, a company based in Lancaster, PA, receives extensive coverage in the article as one of the companies looking to expand from their office in Green.  Dayton-based CESO has also already opened an office in Canton, and Thrasher Engineering, a Clarksburg, WV-based company is also looking to open an Ohio office.

Check out the article to learn more about this expansion, and Rettew in particular.  Then discuss the news here at The Daily Digger!

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Recruiting Session in New Philadelphia on Tuesday - 15-20 Jobs Up for Grabs

A Canton company is intending to hire up to 20 new employees on Tuesday at a recruiting session in New Philadelphia. states that Tank Services is seeking field laborers, painters, and sandblasters.  The company is an industrial painting contractor for the oil and gas industry.  Positions pay anywhere from $10 to $15 an hour with benefits offered upon completion of a 30-day probationary period.  Training and orientation for new employees will begin on March 26.  More details after the jump...

Testing in Pennsylvania Reservoir Shows No Harm from Drilling

There are 13 working gas wells on the 5000-acre Beaver Run Reservoir property, and 14 more on the way.  According to officials of the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County, those facts should not cause residents to be worried about their water.

According to, the authority paid Indiana University of Pennsylvania $55,000 to perform tests on the reservoir water for the past eight months.  In addition to samples from the reservoir, students also collected samples from tributaries and streams on the property and drainage areas near the drilling pads.  The results were reassuring.

"This tells us so far there's been no effect on the water, positively or negatively.  It's all the same to us," says authority manager Chris Kerr.

IUP's public website says that full results of the students' chemical analyses will be posted when they are complete.  So far, the tests have revealed nothing in the water that pose a risk to public health.

The county authority serves more than 120,000 water customers across multiple Pennsylvania counties.

While this story isn't one from our area, it adds more data to the ongoing debate between those who support drilling and those who want it stopped.  Share your thoughts on this story here or in the forum!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

From the Outside Looking In: A Washington Post Article on Ohio Shale Boom

Ohioans want the economic benefits that come with shale exploration, but they don't want fracking to happen in their neck of the woods.  At least, that is the impression one gets from reading a recent Washington Post article.

The article details how the state has rolled out the welcome mat to oil and gas companies, specifically mentioning the efforts that Canton has made to encourage activity in the area and how Chesapeake has responded.  Multiple job openings from truck drivers to tax consultants are opening up, which is great for a Canton economy that has seen unemployment as high as 12.3 percent a couple of years ago while still hovering around 9 percent in recent months.  More after the jump...

Take a Peek Inside a Fracking Operation

Karl Henkel of got an inside look at a Utica Shale drilling operation recently, and he shares some of what he saw in an interesting new article.

Henkel gives readers a glimpse into the Ayrview Acres drill site, from the inital air drilling process to run the pipe down into the shale up through the fracking.  Henkel then directs attention to the Shaw well site in Carroll County as an example of what the finished product looks like.

If you want to learn a little more about the oil and gas exploration in our area, this article is a good quick read.  Check it out and discuss anything you found interesting or questions that it raised in your mind right here at The Daily Digger!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Read an Excellent, Balanced Article on Fracking

The Globe and Mail, a Canadian news publication, features an excellent article about the impact that concerns over drilling procedures and their side effects could have on the shale boom.

While doing an excellent job of covering the reasons that many are concerned about fracking and injection well drilling, the article also gives good coverage of the other side of the issue.

If you are interested in gaining more background and understanding of some of the factors entering into the debate on fracking and the role that the federal government should take in regulating the oil and gas industry, this is a good article to check out.

After you read it, come back here to discuss what you think of the oil and gas exploration in our area and what side of the debate you come down on.

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