Preparing For the Future of Shale Development: Pipeline Easements

How should a landowner respond if a landman shows up asking about an easement across their property?  Area residents need to be prepared for this, especially now that we know that 200 miles of pipeline are soon going to be placed between the two facilities making up the Chesapeake Energy processing operation.

A recent article by Kristy Foster at covers the story of Stanley and Diane Miller, and then shares some good advice for landowners facing a decision about a pipeline easement.  More after the jump...

The first piece of advice, as usual, is to secure an attorney familiar with such negotiations.  Check out the article for the rest of the suggestions.

Have you been approached about a pipeline easement?  How did you respond?  Does anyone have a story, like the Millers, about granting an easement access and how it turned out?  Please share your experiences and suggestions with us in this story's dedicated thread at the Daily Digger Forum!

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