Does President Obama Get Credit for Increased Oil Production?

Is President Barack Obama behind the increased oil production in the U.S.?  Well, domestic oil production is certainly up during his presidency, so it would seem that his policies probably have something to do with it.

But is that the case?  Not everyone thinks so.  While the president is producing campaign ads that claim the credit for the increased production, others would say that his policies have actually had the exact opposite effect.  They feel that the increased production is despite President Obama's policies, not because of them.  More after the jump...

First, here is an ad for President Obama:

On the other side of the coin is a blog post which claims, among other things, that the greatest oil production has occurred on private land (particularly in North Dakota) where the president's policies haven't stood in the way of drilling.

Where do you come out on this?  Is oil production up because of President Obama's efforts or in spite of what he's done?  Sound off here or in the forum!

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