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Harrison County Officials Upset With the Way Shale Activity is Affecting Roadways

High Demand for Nuverra's Services Costs Company Money in 2nd Quarter

Coalition Begins Fight Early Against Resurrected Youngstown Fracking Ban Amendment

Shale Activity Already Changing Hanoverton, With More Impacts Expected

Natural Gas-Fueled Power Plants Helping to Cut Down on Smog in Ohio

Another Day, Another Researcher Arguing Against Cornell Activist/Professor Ingraffea

Hanger: Flaring Practices in North Dakota Reveal Disturbing Attitude of Industry

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7/29/13 Links of the Day: Fracking Protest in Warren, Gas Industry's Evil Plan Includes Free Hot Dogs, and More

Study Suggests Water Contamination From Drilling in Texas, But Questions Remain

Utica Shale Bottleneck Starts to Ease Up As Midstream Project Begins Operating

Activists Look to Revive the Dimock Storyline Yet Again

Driessen: Activist Organizations Need to Make People Scared of Fracking to Keep the Money Rolling In

AP: Industry Arrogance is Driving the Activist Anger Over Drilling

Science Is the Key to Finding Utica Shale Treasures

7/26/13 Links: Activists Hold Gas Fracking Protest at Conventional Oil Drilling Site and More

Pittsburgh-Based EQT to Spend $40 Million in Guernsey County