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Links of the Day 8/31 - Devon Energy Will Take Care of Roads, Wet Gas Following Price Pattern of Dry Gas, Royalties Coming For Some, New Frack Technology Aims to Lower Costs, Chimera Energy Taking Swipes at Fracking

Chesapeake Upsetting Landowners By Exploiting Lease Technicalities and Taking Chunks Out of Royalty Payments

Athens County Getting Closer to Seeing Their First Utica Well

Guidelines For Water Testing Released by Marcellus Trade Group

Heritage Foundation Says Fracking is Critical For Energy, Jobs, Economy

Activists Call Out the Environmental Defense Fund For "Selling Out" to Frackers

Carroll County on Frontlines of Shale Boom, Experiencing the Early Benefits

Is the Shale Gas Boom Another Bubble That is Bound to Pop?

Baker Hughes Closes on 108 Acres in Massillon, May Break Ground This Year

Methane Migration Problems Continue in PA - Hanger Says Companies Must Take it Seriously

Celebrities Fighting Fracking - Is It Selfish or Selfless?

Fracktivists Gather in New York

August 27 Links: Snake Wranglers in the Shale, Teachers Attend Oil & Gas Education, Energy in Depth Likened to Joe Camel, Crusades Against Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Fighting Diesel Fuel in Fracking, Fracking Dangers to Wildlife

Psychological Operations - How is the Gas Industry Working to Win the PR Battle?

Ohio Pipeline Project Moving Forward as Landowners Begin Receiving Visits

Carrollton Landowners Talk About Benefits of Shale Development

Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District Leases Land to Drillers

Permitting Slows Down in Columbiana County

Harrison County's Wagner Well Outperforms the Buell Well, Becomes New Utica Shale Top Dog

Story of Dimock, PA Can Serve as Cautionary Tale to Other Shale Communities

Predictably, Not Everyone is a Fan of Romney's Energy Plan

Links for August 24th - Romney's Energy Plan, EID Attacks Another Anti-Drilling Report, NY Mayor Supports Fracking, Chesapeake Analyzed Again, DOE Debunks Howarth

Most Misleading Story Lead Yet? You Decide

Fracktivists Bring Their Kids to "Toxic" Frack Site

State Rep. Okey Promotes Bill to Protect Landowners From "Predatory" Drillers

Hilcorp Gets First Columbiana County Permit

Tips on Signing an Oil & Gas Lease

Lawsuit Against Chesapeake Say McClendon Was Given Unjust Preference Over Stockholders

New Fracktivist Approach: Loosely Comparing Fracking to Rape

Today's Links - Southern Ohio Looking at Leasing Activity Spike, Ohio Fractivist Interviewed, Ohio Town Bans Fracking, Chesapeake Screws Up in PA

Advice For Businesses Looking to Work in Shale Industry: Safety First

How Could the Industry Boost Its Image?

FracTracker Alliance Will Begin Operating in Ohio and Meet With Group in Carroll County