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EID Investigation: City of Youngstown Has Spent More Than $185,000 On Six Failed ‘Community Bill of Rights’ Ballot Measures

DTE Earnings Call Reveals that NEXUS Pipeline In Service Date is Pushed to 2018

Majority in Lordstown Speak Out in Support of 2nd Power Plant

Oil Drillers Face Continued Effects of Downturn, But the Chase for Gas is On

After 6 Defeats, Anti-Drilling Legislation Will Be on the Ballot Again in Youngstown

Rice Energy Acquires Assets of Lola Energy

Event Highlights Monroe County's Role in Utica Shale Recovery

NEXUS Opponents Say FERC Acted Broke the Law by Approving It

Rover Pipeline Facing Wrath of Farmers After Pumping Water Out of Trenches & Into Fields

Report Says That 39% of Potential U.S. Natural Gas is in Utica/Marcellus Shale

Gas Companies Try to Get Lawsuit Over Royalty Scams Tossed on Technicality

Oil and Gas Jobs Start to Come Back; Will the Workers Come Back Too?

EIA Predicts Rise in Oil and Gas Production for the Utica Shale

Analyst Predicts Wide Fluctuations in Natural Gas Prices

Permitting Dies in Utica Shale Last Week, But Rig Count Jumps Up

Analyst: Activist Investor Unlikely to Stop EQT-Rice Energy Deal

Regulators Have More Hoops for ETP to Jump Through Before Progressing with Rover Pipeline

EnerVest Has Financial Problems, But Disputes Report on the Extent of Them

Upstream Oil Investments Are on the Rise This Year

Molori Energy Ready to Explode Higher

Rover Pipeline Start Up Date Pushed Back as Problems Continue

Permitting Up, Rig Count Down on Latest Utica Shale Report

Court Rules That Munroe Falls Must Reimburse Beck Energy Legal Fees

State Board Raids Ohio Oil and Gas Fund to Pay Out on Unrelated Lawsuit

Cheers to Building an Ohio Ethane Cracker: $130 Million Spent to Secure PTT Global Chemical

Ohio House Overrides Veto Regarding Oil and Gas Leasing Commission

Rig Count Rises During Week Ending July 8, 2017

Ohio EPA Asks Attorney General to Crack Down on Rover Pipeline

Some Rice Energy Pipeline Investors Not Fans of Proposed Deal with EQT

Researchers Discover Sulfide-Producing Bacteria in Fracked Wells

Three Strikes, You’re Out: Athens County Board of Elections Rejects “Invalid” Community Bill of Rights

Rover Pipeline Progresses Despite Delays

Rig Count Down on Latest ODNR Utica Shale Report