NEXUS Opponents Say FERC Acted Broke the Law by Approving It

From The Chronicle:
NEXUS gas pipeline opponents are arguing the federal government acted illegally during the approval process for the project and, specifically, failed to ascertain its safety. 
Those assertions were filed in federal court in Akron Wednesday in response to a motion from NEXUS and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to dismiss a lawsuit from the group of more than 60 people including landowners from Medina, Summit and Stark counties. 
In its motion to dismiss, NEXUS says the court has no jurisdiction in the matter because the Natural Gas Act of 1938 gives “exclusive review” to a federal court of appeals in Washington, D.C. 
NEXUS also said that FERC “performed substantial independent analysis of pipeline safety issues.” 
The suit asks the federal court to vacate and overturn a recommendation made last Nov. 30 by a commission unit that the pipeline’s planned route through Medina, Lorain and other counties be approved for the $2 billion project.
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