Belmont County Cracker Plant Moves Closer to Becoming a Reality

The future of the proposed cracker plant is looking brighter in Belmont County.

We’ve just learned PTTGC has purchased nearly 200 acres of land in the Ohio Valley.

This news has been confirmed with a Columbus-based spokesman for PTTGC America, which released a statement during the 5 o’clock hour. 
"Because of how essential this property is to the proposed petrochemical complex, PTTGC America determined it is prudent to exercise the purchase option, even though the final investment decision has not been made,” said Dan Williamson, spokesman for PTTGC America. 
“We do confirm that the deeds to part of the property were recorded a couple of weeks ago,” Belmont County Commissioner Mark Thomas said. “PTT has executed and purchased property that was formerly owned by FirstEnergy and that’s the 170-odd acre property south of the Moundsville bridge heading south toward the river.

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