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06/29/17 Links of the Day: Rover Asks FERC to Approve Drilling; New Ohio Injection Wells Approved; And More!

API Releases 50-State Analysis of Natural Gas Benefits

Stanford Geophysicist Debates Fracking with Anti-Drilling Activists

Bloomberg Chronicles the Rover Pipeline Construction Struggles

DOE to Invest $20 Million in New Oil and Gas Research Projects

Chemical Plants Helping to Revive Youngstown Manufacturing Industry

Permitting Slow in Utica Shale; Rig Count Holds Steady

Shale Efficiency May Have Hit Its Peak For Now

Utica Rig Count Drops One on Latest ODNR Report

Eclipse Resources Goes Long Again with Third "Super-Lateral" Well

EQT to Acquire Rice Energy, Become Largest Gas Producer in U.S.

Ohio Laborers Report More Than 4 Million Work Hours Over 16 Months — Thanks to Shale

Fallout From Rover Pipeline Spills Includes Construction Delays for Energy Transfer

EPA Puts Methane Rule on Hold to Conduct a Review

Are Conditions Ripe for Oil and Gas Mergers?

Ohio Nuclear Plant Bailout Stumbles in Statehouse

PA Landowners Continue Fight Over Chesapeake's Underpaid Royalties

Hamilton County Residents Hurl Accusations, Voice Their Hatred of Duke Energy Pipeline

NEXUS Pipeline Project Ready to Go, Awaiting Federal Approval

Agency Instrumental to Shale Boom Slated for Budget Slash by President Trump

After Several Defeats, Activists in Youngstown Hope to Rig the Laws in Their Favor

Utica Rig Count Hits Highest Level Since 2015 on Latest ODNR Report

Utica Shale Production in the 1st Quarter of 2017: A Closer Look

Epic Fail: Anti-Fracking Activists’ Attempt at #NODAPL Copycat Camp Lasts One Weekend

ODNR Releases 1st Quarter 2017 Utica Shale Production Figures