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Economist Says Ohio Gas Boom Hasn't Even Really Happened Yet

No Injuries in Carroll County Drilling Site Fire

Water Problems = Another Lawsuit in Pennsylvania

Carroll County Not Selling Percentage of Royalties Yet; Will Take Bids

New Assistant Economic Development Director for Carroll County

New Anti-Drilling Organization Report: Oil & Gas Workers Bring Sexually Transmitted Diseases & Disorderly Conduct to Communities

Reuters Reports on Possible Conflict of Interest With Former Gulfport Energy Chairman

Utica Shale Permit Count Pushes to 899 With 12 New Last Week

Links for 9/24/13: Rebublic Steel Growth Driven by Shale, New Study Attempts to Poke Holes in Many Fracktivist Claims, and More

Another Natural Gas Processing Plant Planned For Ohio

Leaseholders Urged to Give Attention to Chesapeake Settlement

Links for 9/23/13: More Sparring Over Methane Study, New Injection Well to Be Drilled in Weathersfield, and Much More

Editorial: With Proper Attention to Minimizing Risk, Fracking is Worth the Reward

Fire Chiefs Go on Record to Say Environmentalist Claims About Fracking Chemical Disclosure Are Not Accurate

Athens Anti-Fracking Measure Won't See Ballot

Pipelines Keeping the Money Flowing

Sierra Club Files Lawsuit to Gain Access to Documents Related to Youngstown Illegal Dumping Investigation

Blue Racer Ponders Cryogenic Processing Plant Construction in Mahoning County

Energy in Depth Responds to Niles Fracking Ban and Rescindment

Links for 9/19/13: No Big Contamination Problems Found So Far in Colorado Oil & Gas Field Floods, Despite Alarmist Reports - And More

Landman Who Ripped Off Pennsylvania Landowners Pleads Guilty

Niles Council Rescinds Anti-Fracking Ordinance One Month After Passing It

Links for 9/18/13: Lots of Pipeline Plans in Ohio, Environmentalists Seem Eager for an Oil/Gas-Related Disaster in Colorado, and More

Back and Forth Over New Methane Study Continues

Bowling Green Passes Fracking Ban

New Report Says Benefits of Marcellus and Utica Shale Boom Are Huge for Consumers

Rutledge Shares Impact of Utica Shale Boom on Carroll County

Gulfport Energy Corporation Reports Utica Shale Results

Only 5 New Permits Issued for Utica Shale Drilling Last Week

9/16/13 Links: Chesapeake CEO Axes God and Bees From Company, Increased Tax Could Sour Drillers on Ohio, and More