Ohio Consumers to Save Money from NOPEC Agreement to Use Utica Shale Gas

From Cleveland.com:
In what may be the largest "buy local" campaign ever, the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council, or NOPEC, this week signed an agreement with a new supplier that emphasizes buying Ohio gas over interstate gas. 
The deal means more than 270,000 households and small businesses for whom NOPEC negotiates a price for gas will see rates at a deep discount to gas coming from distant states. 
"We think we are the first to look at the Ohio market in a consistent way, a way that we hope will change the general gas paradigm," Chuck Keiper, NOPEC executive director, said in an interview. 
Joe Migliorini, chairman of NOPEC's governing board, summed it up this way:
"We've all heard and read about Ohio's extensive shale gas deposits. NOPEC expects to purchase a large amount of Ohio natural gas at a significant savings, which will be contractually passed along to our customers."
The benefits of this agreement won't be seen this year, but are set to go into effect in 2014.  Read more by clicking here. 

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