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Today's Links: "Promised Land" Generating Controversy, Oil Prices Could Deal Another Blow to Drillers, Shale Focus of Energy Conference, and Much More

New Permit Numbers Released by Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Anti-Drilling Organization Reviews Regulation of Fracking

Welders Needed in Marietta; Job Opportunities From Shale Development

Today's Links: Kent Looks to Ban Fracking, Buckeye Brine Facility Near Completion, Auto Dealers in Columbiana Enjoying Shale Boom, AP Reports on Government's Fracking Contributions, Business Seminar Coming Up

Trailer Released For Hollywood Frack Attack "Promised Land"

National Resources Defense Council Plans to Help Ohio Towns Fight Fracking

Over $3 Million Awarded to Stark State College For Oil & Gas Training

9/20 Links: 26 Dead From Pipeline Fire, Utica Shale Prospects Good (or Bad, Depending on Who You Ask), Frack Fact Check, New Anti-Fracking Group in Ohio, Shale Gas Exporting Update, Youngstown Delays Lease Decision, Drillers Looking to Use Less Water, Sean Lennon Insults Non-Fracktivist on Twitter, Frack Attack from New York

Abrahm Lustgarten Sounds Alarm on Injection Wells

Energy in Depth Touts Ohio's Well Construction Regulations, But Others Questions How Strong They Really Are

Utica Shale Exploration Gets Viewed From the Air

Utica Shale Results Starting to be Measured Against Predictions

PDC Energy Updates Operation Activities in the Utica Shale

A Look at Shale Gas From the "Rational Middle"

S&P Report Looks at Impact of Fracking Boom

A Balanced Approach on Fracking From South Africa

Worthington Industries Positions Itself to Profit From Utica Shale

Canton Calls Itself Utica Capital, But Drillers Are in Carroll County

Natural Gas Prices Quickly Heading For $4?

State Permit Count For Ohio Rises to 375

Is Shale Gas an Ideal Bridge to Renewable Energy Sources?

EnerVest Looking to Unload 539,000 Ohio Acres For Over $11,000 Per Acre

Chesapeake CEO McClendon Addresses Public For First Time in Months

Database is Designed to Reduce Out-of-State License Plates at Ohio Drilling Sites

Columbia Gas & Hilcorp Working With Angry Columbiana County Landowners

Will New Federal Rules Create Unnecessary Hindrance For Drillers?

Studying Fracking as an Academic Exercise