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04/29/16 Links of the Day: Oil & Gas Expo in Belmont County, New Pipeline Safety Bill Approved, and More

Washington County Man Says Pipeline Construction Caused His Car Crash

Newsweek Op-Ed Asks Why News That Might Make Fracking Look Better Gets Hidden

Preparation Continues on Ethane Cracker Site in Belmont County

Arguments Heard in Appeal of Rulings on NEXUS Pipeline Survey Access

New Gas-Fired Power Plants Will Create 4,000 Local Jobs, Fuel Every Household in Ohio

Gas Development Credited for Monroe County's 340% Tax Revenue Increase

T. Boone Pickens Outlines a Plan to Make OPEC Irrelevant

Rex Energy Exchanges Notes for Stock, Trying to Weather Downturn

Analyst: Chesapeake Energy Stock is Still Being Overvalued

Marietta College Professor: New Anti-Flaring Regulations May Produce Opposite of Intended Effects

ODNR Issues No New Permits for Utica Shale Drilling Last Week

Saudi Arabian Prince Has Grand Plan to Reduce Nation's Economic Dependence on Oil

Potential Oil and Gas Lessees Should Look Closely for "Implied Requirement" in Leases

Coal's Contribution to Ohio's Electricity Continues to Decline

Consol Energy CEO: "I Believe Two Cracker Plants" Will be Built in Marcellus/Utica Shale Region

Landowners in Carroll and Wayne Counties Facing Lawsuits Over Utopia Pipeline

Seventy Seven Energy Going Bankrupt; Stone Energy Could Be Next

Law Firm Lists 59 Oil and Gas Companies Who Have Filed for Bankruptcy in 2015-2016

04/18/16 Links of the Day: $120 Oil in 2 Years?, Fracking Study's Authors Upset at Results, and More

Carlyle Considers Purchase of Halliburton-Baker Hughes Assets; GE Interested in Baker Hughes if Merger Dies

Why Did Utica Shale Production Soar in March?

Chesapeake Energy Gets Good News From the Bank

Utica Shale Now Has 2158 Permits, 1721 Wells Drilled, and 1259 Wells Producing

Latest Well Activity Maps Published by ODNR

Dry Gas Production in Marcellus/Utica Shale Expected to Increase This Year