Washington County Man Says Pipeline Construction Caused His Car Crash

From the Marietta Times:
Heavy rain and heavy construction created a perfect storm for one Coal Run resident’s car to slip into a muddy, watery ditch last weekend, creating a clash with the company working to lay 9,000 feet of pipeline through local rural areas. 
Mitchel Barth, a 22-year-old in the process of purchasing his family’s home on Weppler Road, claims that the construction company’s project is destroying the roadway and making it unsafe for residents and drivers. 
The firm, Two Guns Consulting and Construction out of Dallas, was recently awarded a project to lay 8-inch pipeline in a right-of-way along Weppler Road or Blue Racer Midstream, which develops and operates oil and gas assets, and will likely be in the area into early summer. 
“There was about two inches of rain that (Friday) night, and when I was coming home Saturday I went straight into a ditch,” Barth said. “They did the tracks about three months ago and put gravel across for my driveway, but with all the rain, there was nothing holding the gravel in place.”
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