Groups Look to Conduct Interviews on Fracking While Activity is Slowed

From Midwest Energy News:
Since 2011, shale gas drilling has been a way of life for some eastern Ohio communities, with residents acutely aware of both the benefits and drawbacks. But as production declines, are those perceptions changing? 
Organizers of a 2014 survey hope to find out. 
Following up on the Ohio Shale Country Listening Project, which anonymously questioned 773 people from five Ohio counties about the long-term impact of natural gas extraction, survey creators will interview citizens who provided the project with detailed answers about hydraulic fracturing’s effect on the local economy as well as their quality of life. 
“We’re taking issues like increased truck traffic and parsing them more finely,” said Ted Auch of FracTracker Alliance, a Pennsylvania-based drilling watchdog organization and listening project supporter. “It will give a larger understanding of what’s resonating with people if we put faces with these surveys.”
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