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Today's Links: Muskingum Watershed Under Attack Again, Utica Shale Training Focused on by Officials, Millions of Tax Dollars Given Up to Research Environmental Shale Gas Development

Livestock Falling Ill in Fracking Regions, Raising Concerns About Food

Solar Energy Being Used to Facilitate Cleaner Natural Gas Drilling

What Kind of Dangers are Hidden Behind Fracking Trade Secrets?

Hilcorp Preparing to Drill New Well in Salem Township

Fracktivists, Led by Former County Commissioner, Ejected After Disrupting Public Meeting in Athens

Gulfport's New Utica Shale Well is a "Monster" - UPDATED POST

Energy Companies Rattle Their Sabers at Congress, Warn Them Against Tax Increases

Personal Incomes Rising in U.S. - Shale Receiving Credit

Water Needed For Fracking in Ohio Considered a Problem; But Has It Really Created Any Problems Yet?

Shale Boom Coming to Belmont County?

So, Is the Utica Shale a Hot Spot for Oil or Not?

Is Federal Regulation of Fracking Needed?

Marcellus Shale Sees a Slowdown in Wheeling & Dealing

Lagging Development Forces Drilling Supplier to Shut Down Zanesville Operation

Marcellus Drillers Abandoning Flaring, Going With Green Completions

New Study Further Debunks Cornell Professor's Attempts to Demonize Natural Gas

Links From the Past Few Days

Carroll, Columbiana, and Harrison Counties Described as "Core of the Core" in Utica Shale

Links of the Day: Fracktivists Learn How to Break the Law At Camp, Fracking Liquids Unlikely to Leak from Wells, What the Heck is Going on in New York?, Icahn Takes it Farther With Chesapeake, Rig Count in Utica Shale Doubles in a Year

Seeking Alpha Breaks Down 3rd Quarter Utica Shale Results

Article Highlights the Fracking Dilemma

Links of the Day: Fracking Flowback Costs, Chesapeake Loses in Court Again, EID Defends FracFocus, and University at Buffalo Gives in to Fracktivist Pressure

Norse Energy on the Brink of Going Broke

Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District Looking to Lease More Land

Geological Consultant: "Shale Gas is a Commercial Failure"

Carroll County Permit Count Climbs to 154

Obama Faced With Big Decisions on Shale Gas

Links on a Sunday: Industry Braces for New EPA Regs, Can Fracking Be Regulated?, Some Want Fracktivists to Monitor Gas Wells, PA State Rep White Coming Under Fire, Prominent Fracktivists Working Overtime to Kill Fossil Fuels (FYI: Fracking Protests Aren't Really About Fracking)

Anti-Drilling Organization Establishes Fracking Chemical Database