Links on a Sunday: Industry Braces for New EPA Regs, Can Fracking Be Regulated?, Some Want Fracktivists to Monitor Gas Wells, PA State Rep White Coming Under Fire, Prominent Fracktivists Working Overtime to Kill Fossil Fuels (FYI: Fracking Protests Aren't Really About Fracking)

The Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register: Industry Preps for Worst With New EPA Regs

ThinkProgress:  Oil Lobby Chief Warns "You Fundamentally Can't Regulate" Fracking At All

New York Times:  Can Public Leak Patrols Stem Gas Emissions at a Profit?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:  Pa. House lawmaker urges investigation into politician's ties to Range Resources

TribLIVE:  Expert: Rep. Jesse White "can't have it both ways" in drilling debate

Huffington Post:  Amid Climate Change Inaction in Washington, Activist Urges Americans To "Do The Math"

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