A Flurry of Energy Industry and Environmental Responses to Obama Reelection

Energy industry spokesmen and environmentalists alike have been quick to issue statements on how they feel about the reelection of President Barack Obama.  Here is a sampling of what they've had to say.

John Hanger, in his "Facts of the Day" blog, says that 4 more years of Obama is a good thing for natural gas development.
The President got little support in the natural gas industry and even less in the oil and coal industries.  Yet, for the natural gas industry, the re-election of the President brings more good news than bad.  Here are 5 reasons why.

First, the President has overseen booms in gas and oil production in the United States.  That has meant that he has not gotten in the way more than anything else.  The heated attacks on him and his Administration by some associated with the gas industry were never rooted in a reality.  The President's re-election means the continuation of the extraordinary booms in domestic oil and gas production for the next 4 years and beyond.
Oil and Gas Journal and Fuel Fix also both published articles summarizing the response to the election results.
Independent Petroleum Association of America Pres. Virginia Lazenby said IPAA appreciates Obama’s affirmation of US gas resources sufficient to meet the nation’s needs for more than 100 years.
“However, IPAA has serious concerns about energy policies the Obama administration has implemented over the past 4 years which, taken together, demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding of [the US oil and gas industry],” she said. US independents encourage Obama to reexamine those policies and the assumptions behind them, Lazenby said.
“There was only one candidate in this race who doubled down on our nation’s clean energy economy. There was only one candidate who consistently fought to hold oil and coal companies accountable and only one candidate who stood up for landmark protections to keep toxins out of our air and water. And there was only one candidate who took historic steps to mitigate the climate crisis.  Because of those positions, President Obama faced an unprecedented assault from deep-pocketed oil and coal execs who inundated the airwaves with millions of dollars in attack ads.”?
– Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune

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