Marlington High School Training Students for Oil & Gas Work

From Farm and Dairy:
The next generation of workers for the oil and gas industry are in training at Marlington High School in Alliance, Ohio.
A pilot program between the Ohio Department of Education and Marlington High School began this year, and there are 22 students in the program, which is designed to be a two-year program.

Students excited

The students said the excitement for the program set in as soon as they heard about it.
“I see a lot of opportunities in the industry and this program is teaching us the diverse skills we’ll need,” said student Darrian Nelson.
“The stuff we are learning will help me in the future to get a job,” added Otha Loving, a junior in the program. “What we have learned so far is pretty cool.”
The students are almost finished with one quarter of the school year and the excitement remains because they get to do hands-on learning and, for many, they’re developing new skills.
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