Companies Outline $900 Million Plan for the Area

From the Carrollton Free Press Standard:
Les Smith, vice president Business Development for Momentum, the company that is building the facilities and pipeline system, said they will connect wells throughout eastern Ohio and allow the “wet gases” to be separated from the natural gas and be marketed separately. 
“Liquid gas from the wells will be piped to the compressor station (located on Bay Rd. in Carroll County),” he said. “From there, a 24-inch pipeline will transport the raw gas to the Kensington Processing Complex. There, the liquids such as butane, ethane, propane and gasoline, are extracted by changing the temperature of the gas.” 
He said at the Kensington facility, which is known as a Cryogenic processing facility, the gas will be subject to temperatures as low as -150 degrees Fahrenheit during the process to remove the natural gas liquids. 
“The dry gas will be sold on the market to Dominion and Tennessee Gas and entered into pipelines near the facility,” Smith stated. “The natural gas liquids will then travel by pipeline to the Harrison Hub (known as Fractionation facility) where they will be separated, sold and shipped via pipeline, railroad and truck.”
Read the whole article here.

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