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At The Daily Digger, our goal is to provide our readers with a convenient place to learn about the latest oil and gas stories. For almost ten years, we have been focusing on news relating to the Ohio Utica Shale. Now, we are expanding our focus so we can provide more informative and exciting content. Many individuals are concerned about the future of fracking, especially in areas where shale development is ongoing. Naturally, they wonder about the effects it will cause on the environment, their health, and public safety. Are the fears valid? Should the government hit the brakes and allow for more research in the interest of public safety? Or are the claims of horrific air pollution and well water contamination overblown or even completely fabricated? As individuals who live and work in the middle of the shale boom, we wonder about the answers to those questions, just as many who read our blog do. Since fracking is such a controversial topic, it can be challenging to find information free from bias. Although we don't claim to be experts, we sift through the various articles and reports released, looking for the truth. Then, we bring the facts to our readers' attention right here. From time to time, we also feature content that can benefit our readers-whether local or national. We hope you enjoy reading our blog and appreciate the continued support throughout the years!

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