Water Problems = Another Lawsuit in Pennsylvania

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
Two years after residents of the Woodlands in Butler County began complaining that shale drilling was contaminating their well water, the gas company they believe is a culprit may be the community's best hope for a clean water pipeline. 
At least that's how Butler County Commissioner Jim Eckstein sees it. 
Mr. Eckstein is leading the charge to establish a homeowners association in the Woodlands, a low-income community of about 200 homes, 50 of which told Duquesne University professor John Stolz that their water has changed following Rex Energy Corp.'s drilling activity in the area. 
Thirty-four families now pick up drinking water from a donated water bank at White Oak Springs Presbyterian Church each Monday, while they wait for a more permanent solution. 
Mr. Eckstein says the solution is to tap into a water pipeline that was built by State College-based Rex Energy to supply water for its fracking activities.
Read the entire article here.

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