Ohio Town of Niles Passes Anti-Drilling Ordinance, Then Decides to Read It

From WFMJ News:

21 News Now, More Local News for Youngstown, Ohio -
City leaders are having second thoughts about a recently passed ordinance which attempts to ban oil and gas drilling within city limits.
The "community bill of rights" ordinance, which was passed as an emergency measure last month. was characterized as a preventative measure by Mayor Ralph Infante. "Our biggest concern was we didn't want to see a well drilled in residential areas" said Mayor Infante.
The problem with the Niles ordinance is that it also bans doing commerce with the oil and gas industry.  A spokesman for Energy In Depth said that sends the wrong message to an industry that's worth multi-millions of dollars.
"What it does is it essentially bans any company who wants to do business with the oil and gas industry" said Shawn Bennett of Energy In Depth.
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