Quarterly Production Reports For Utica Shale Will Start in January 2014

From the Daily Jeffersonian:
"There will be a change to the current reporting system regarding horizontal wells. Instead of companies reporting production annually, they will have to report production quarterly, beginning in January 2014," said Simmers. "We are also looking to increase our field staff. Jobs are posted on the ODNR website."
Other changes drillers are asking for an increase to the number of wells allowed on a four-acre pad, from 12 to 14.
Simmers also commented on current midstream operations (such as pipelines), which transport the gas and/or oil to processing, fractionation and "cracker" plants where they move the gas/oil components to their respective markets.
"The industry will develop in this area because of the location of natural gas. Oil can be transported by truck or rail, but natural gas can only be delivered by way of a pipeline.
"We are still in the early stages, in fact, the very beginning, of shale development in the Utica. In 2015, the drilling will be in earnest," said Simmers.
Read the whole article here. 

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