Rice Energy Facility in Belmont County Visited by U.S. Sen. Rob Portman

From The Intelligencer:
U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, visited the Rice Energy “Son Uva Digger” natural gas drilling site on Centerville-Warnock Road on Thursday to discuss the importance of affordable energy, regulatory reform and job creation and view the new technology in use at the site.

Toby Rice, president, chief operating officer and founder of Rice Energy conducted the tour and spoke about his company, which employs 520 full-time workers in Belmont County and in Washington and Greene counties in Pennsylvania. About 45,000 contractors visit Rice Energy sites each month. 
“It’s great to have the senator here today. I think we do such a great job out here. I think we need help communicating the message so any time we can have a senator come out and be willing to spend time talking and learning about what we do, we appreciate it,” Rice said. “I think what he will take away from this is that we want to do the right thing — stewardship is No. 1, and you see that at Rice Energy locations, but also with other gas and oil operators.” 
After touring the facility, Portman discussed what he learned about the new technology and how he believes it will impact the oil and gas industry and the overall economy.
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