Most Misleading Story Lead Yet? You Decide

This is posted more for amusement and because I found it strange than for anything else.

An article on StateImpact Pennsylvania may win the award for the most misleading and dishonest lead to an article.  And perhaps the most interesting thing is that the bulk of the very short post is the lead-in; the actual point of the article is...well, I'm not even sure what the point of the article is, other than to create a mental connection between fracking and earthquakes which even the article itself ends up stating would be incorrect.

Check out the quick 3 paragraph article by clicking here and share your thoughts on it here.  What was the point of mentioning a 5.8-magnitude earthquake that had absolutely nothing to do with fracking or injection wells in an article that is supposed to be about fracking and injection wells?

I think the first comment under the article on StateImpact PA's site sums it up best:
Last year my septic tank backed up sending sewage spewing all over my back lawn. Turns out it wasn't related to fraccing either - but I thought I' d use it as a meaningless lead-in to my comment.

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