New Analysis: Chesapeake Energy Still Struggling

Yesterday we mentioned an article from Forbes which covered how well Chesapeake Energy is doing in bouncing back from its CEO troubles.  Naturally, today Seeking Alpha posted an article that says Chesapeake is floundering.  From the article:
The old Wall Street adage is to buy on bad news but lately for Chesapeake Energy (CHK) it seems like the bad news never ends and the price is taking a hit. Right now it's about 43.72% off its previous 1 year high. Let me try and give you the facts on this depressed issue. During the last month the stock has come off its low but still doesn't seem to have found its legs yet. This hourly trading chart provided by Barchartshows how erratic the trading has been over the last month:
(click to enlarge)
The stock can't blame its price troubles on the market. The market as measured by the Value Line Index was down about 4% over the last 6 months while CHK is still down 23% and at one time it was down 45%
Read the rest of this analysis here.

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