Fracktivists Bring Their Kids to "Toxic" Frack Site

From Boulder Weekly:
According to the Camera, about 30 people showed up to demonstrate on Saturday morning. At least 10 children were present, including a 1-year-old. 
“We’re trying to get the word out to people to alert them to the dangers of fracking,” said Karen Conduff, one of the demonstrators. 
“We feel that it [fracking] causes harm to our health,” said Diana Caile, a member of The Mothers Project. “It causes water contamination, air pollution, contaminates the soil … and that this is a heavy industrial, toxic process that does not belong in our community.” 
Cliff Willmeng, a member of East Boulder County United, characterized Encana’s project as “drilling five holes into the earth and injecting it with 50 million gallons of industrial waste.” 
Cyndi Nusbaum, another one of the demonstrators, said she was “worried about the wildlife, worried about the water issue. Quite a bit of it is going to be turned into toxic waste never to be returned to the cycle of life again. It’s really upsetting, and a lot of people are going to get sick. I really think they will.” 
Wow. Given that laundry list of supposed eco-evils, you would have to be nuts to allow your kids to get anywhere near the well site.
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