New Utica Map Coming Next Month - What Will it Reveal?

From the Coshocton Tribune:
Newly released test results continue to show at least minimal potential for productive oil and gas shale under north central Ohio. 
The new findings from the Ohio Geological Survey, a division of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, show good, and sometimes great, total organic carbon readings in samples taken from Crawford, Knox, Marion, Seneca and Wyandot counties. 
The problem, for people who want to see oil and gas development, is two-fold. For starters, the trapped carbon might not be smashed and cooked into oil for millions of years. Secondly, even if it is in liquid form right now, the natural forces that would push it up a well might not exist. 
"The geochemical data would suggest that the potential is there from a strict geochemical standpoint," said Mac Swinford, interim state geologist and chief of the division. "There are other factors, with the biggest one being pressure." 
The core sample data eventually will find its way into a new iteration of a public map, which draws the estimated productive boundaries of the Utica Shale in the state.
Read the rest of the article here.

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