Story of Dimock, PA Can Serve as Cautionary Tale to Other Shale Communities

As shale development continues in our area, it is worthwhile to look at what has happened in Dimock, Pennsylvania and try to learn from the horrible effects that water contamination, litigation, and in-fighting among residents over gas drilling has had on that small community.

From comes an article that looks at where Dimock stands now, after the EPA's testing has cleared Cabot of contaminating water wells of residents who appeared set to cash in on the anti-fracking hysteria perpetuated by Gasland and the national media's portrayal of the town as a community that was left a diseased wasteland by shale drilling, only to find that scientific reality wasn't on their side.

The article also gives a nice summary of the events that unfolded in Dimock.

One quote in particular stood out to me as I read this story, and it came from John Hanger.
"One of the things I've learned in the shale wars, there are people and interests that profit from conflict," said Hanger. "There's certainly money to be made from fighting, whether it's lawyers, consultants, or fund-raising appeals. There's probably more to be made out of a good old fight than a peaceful resolution."
Read the rest of the article here.

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