Harrison County Processing Plant is Online

From the Herald Star:
MarkWest Energy Partners already is operating a small natural gas processing plant it built in Harrison County recently to accommodate one of its gas producers, even though the full-sized version should be done in the near future.
MarkWest Chief Operating Officer John Mollenkopf said Arrowhead, a refrigeration gas processing mini-plant located about 15 miles from Cadiz, came online just a few days ago. It's capable of processing 40 million cubic feet of gas per day until the full-sized plant is done.
"It's an interim plant for one of our producers. They'll bring some of their gas to Arrowhead," he said during a community barbecue and education forum the company hosted Wednesday in Sally Buffalo Park.
MarkWest is investing more than $500 million in gas processing and fractionation plants in the Cadiz area - full-sized projects that Mollenkopf said should be up and running very soon. Over the next few years he said that number could easily grow to more than $1 billion.
"We've been out there working for two months to get the sites ready for the plants," he said. "We're at the stage now where we're ready to start pouring foundations. The gas plant itself, the initial gas plant, will be coming on" by the end of September, while the fractionation plant is slated for early in 2013.
If all goes as they expect, Mollenkopf said it could lead to more investment.
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