How Could the Industry Boost Its Image?

From The Akron Beacon Journal:
The US shale revolution, which flooded the domestic market with both natural gas and opposition to the hydraulic fracturing drilling technique, now needs to stage its own public relations uprising, speakers said this week at an industry event in Denver.
From Reagan to Twitter, the industry needs to use a variety of campaign tools if it wants to win over the broad swath of Americans caught in the middle of the hydraulic fracturing debate, communication experts said. Many Americans are still on the fence in the shale debate, between industry fans and detractors who say it wrecks the environment or just don't want it in their backyard.
Among other strategies, a "Reganesque" message of American self-sufficiency might help them understand the industry's side, one communications expert advocated.
Brand image specialist Scott Goodson, founder and CEO of StrawberryFrog, said the message for the oil and gas industry to push is that the shale revolution has created self-sustaining energy supplies for the country, a la former US President Ronald Reagan's noted communication techniques.
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