Majority of Dimock Litigants Reach Settlement With Cabot

From the Times Tribune:
A high-profile and often bitter lawsuit brought by three dozen Dimock Twp. families against Cabot Oil and Gas Corp. is nearing a settlement for several residents who allege natural gas drilling contamination harmed their health and property, according to court papers filed in federal court late Monday.
The amended motion filed by attorneys for the residents identifies the settling plaintiffs, but the names have been redacted. The settlement amounts and terms are not disclosed.
The main purpose of the new court filing is to create a fund to distribute settlement money, but the document details some conditions of the otherwise confidential agreement. Cabot submitted the offers in May and June, and the settling families were required to sign a broad release "outlining the terms of the settlement and requiring complete confidentiality" about its content, according to the filing.
The sides aim to complete the settlement process for the families that have signed off on it within 60 days, according to the motion. As settlement money is paid to each family, its case will be dismissed.
Read the rest of the article here.

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