Oil and Gas Companies Working Together to Unlock Secrets of Utica Shale Play

From Rigzone:
The idea to establish a JIP (joint industry project) focused on the Utica play was first suggested by a large independent operator who also is one of the five initial JIP partners. The purpose of the Utica JIP is to identify the most productive formations or zones, improving fundamental understanding of what rock properties are most important for good wells, and exploring the variability within the Utica/Point Pleasant play. The partners hope to better understand the relationships between facies, depositional sequences and reservoir quality compared with other U.S. shale plays. 
The Utica is not so much more challenging versus other U.S. shale plays, just different in some key respects from the more well-developed plays in other states, Walls noted. So far, most samples have come from the mixed gas/condensate window so they do not yet have enough data, but that too is a key objective of the project, Walls added. 
"We believe this project and its objectives and methods are unique to the industry," said Walls.
Read much more about this project here. 

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