57% of Drilling Waste Injected in Ohio Wells Last Year Was From Other States

The Akron Beacon Journal has a good article on the official state numbers for disposal of drilling waste into injection wells in Ohio for 2012.  Here are some of the details:

  • 211 wells are currently permitted, with 180 in operation
  • 14.2 million 42-gallon barrels of liquid waste were injected in Ohio wells in 2012, enough to fill a train of tank cars 220 miles long; that's up from 12.6 million barrels in 2011
  • 57.6% of the waste injected was from out-of-state, up from 54% in 2011

The 6 counties which received the most drilling waste:

1.  Portage - 2,358,371 barrels (up 18.6% from 2011)
2.  Washington - 2,000,000 barrels
3.  Trumbull - 1,400,000 barrels
4.  Ashtabula - 1,400,000 barrels
5.  Noble - 931,379 barrels
6.  Stark - 772,347 barrels

Activists, of course, are proclaiming impending doom because of the increased amounts of waste going into Ohio's injection wells.

Read much more by viewing the full article here.

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