Anti-Fracking Activist Likens Reporters Who Don't Blindly Report Claims Against Fracking to Nazis

From Energy in Depth:

The most recent story Mr. Kloosterman had filed can be found here – which was literally nothing more than a simple explanation of the meeting and who would be in attendance.
As for the activist’s “lazy and dangerous” accusation, that comes from a previous storyKloosterman filed in April. The story was about a public event where an opponent of hydraulic fracturing argued that the process was unsafe. In the comments, Kloosterman, in response to an activist, said it would be “lazy and dangerous” to re-print every accusation levied against shale development without fact-checking it.
To most people, that would be called journalism. To anti-fracking activists – who, for obvious reasons, do not want their baseless claims investigated – it’s indicative of an “ignoramus.”
It gets worse. In the description of the video, the activist tries to make an inflammatory justification for his bullying:
“To make the point clear, consider the extreme example of Nazi Germany. Imagine any of the people responsible for killing Anne Frank for instance, and ask yourself if you can accept the argument that they were just doing their jobs and are thus not culpable. Would it not have been preferable for German citizens to vocally, publically, and harshly criticize the greedy bullies who built German Fascism before it grew and blossomed?”
That’s right, Michigan reporters. If you report anything that the anti-fracking crowd disagrees with, they just might taunt, harass, and compare you to Nazis.
Read the rest of that article here. 

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