Shale Boom Creates Plenty of Work for Ohio State Geologist

Larry Wickstrom has seen a lot in 29 years with the Ohio Geological Survey.  That experience makes him an interesting man to talk to as Ohioans keep trying to get a handle on just how much things are changing as gas and oil companies stream into the state.

A new article at contains several interesting quotes from Wickstrom, who is Ohio's State Geologist and Division Chief with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Division of Geological Survey.  He explains how this new boom in Ohio is different from booms in the past, as well as how it is the same.  More after the jump...

Wickstrom says the industry has changed a lot since the oil boom in the early eighties.  The new way of doing business and new drilling methods, with bigger equipment, high leasing costs, and more workers needed, have made it tough for smaller companies to compete.  "Many of the smaller operators are being bought out totally, others are farming out all their acreage to the larger operators and some are entering into partnerships.  People who have had their niche all figured and working nicely no longer have a livelihood - adapt or perish," he says.  "Once this whirlwind settles out the landscape will be entirely different."

Wickstrom also highlights the importance of balancing economy and environment.  "Be smart, be safe and keep it clean out there," he says is the general guideline repeated to outside interests by his office.  "Ohio is a beautiful and very populated state.  We want to see a thriving industry and the economic benefits that go with it.  But, we will not tolerate sloppiness, unsafe conditions, nor disregard for the environment."

Read the entire article at Rigzone, and then come back here to share your thoughts.

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