Man Arrested for Assaulting Officer at Drilling Site

David Walker was determined to get video of the oil and gas drilling site, and he didn't like being told to go home.

In the end, he wound up going to jail instead.

According to a report at Walker, 54, lives on McCallum Ave NE and when he showed up at a drilling site on Edison Ave NE last night he was intent on getting some video.  When a security guard told him he couldn't come onto the site, Walker threatened to return the next day and "deal with all of [them]."  More after the jump...

He wouldn't get the chance to follow through on that promise, though, because Officer Donald Worthy tracked Walker to his home.  There, Walker attacked Worthy, striking the officer in the face and cutting his mouth, and then went on to spend the night in the Stark County jail after being pepper sprayed by Worthy and subdued by other officers.  According to Police Chief Ron Devies, Walker would go on to struggle with officers two more times before being put behind bars.

Officer Worthy was released from Alliance Community Hospital after being treated for face, mouth, and knee injuries.  He'll return to duty in about a week, according to Devies.

Walker refused to tell the police why he wanted to videotape the drilling site.

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