Testing in Pennsylvania Reservoir Shows No Harm from Drilling

There are 13 working gas wells on the 5000-acre Beaver Run Reservoir property, and 14 more on the way.  According to officials of the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County, those facts should not cause residents to be worried about their water.

According to Pittsburghlive.com, the authority paid Indiana University of Pennsylvania $55,000 to perform tests on the reservoir water for the past eight months.  In addition to samples from the reservoir, students also collected samples from tributaries and streams on the property and drainage areas near the drilling pads.  The results were reassuring.

"This tells us so far there's been no effect on the water, positively or negatively.  It's all the same to us," says authority manager Chris Kerr.

IUP's public website says that full results of the students' chemical analyses will be posted when they are complete.  So far, the tests have revealed nothing in the water that pose a risk to public health.

The county authority serves more than 120,000 water customers across multiple Pennsylvania counties.

While this story isn't one from our area, it adds more data to the ongoing debate between those who support drilling and those who want it stopped.  Share your thoughts on this story here or in the forum!

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