Carroll Golden Age Retreat Express Concerns During Emotional Meeting

We have reported a couple of times in past posts about the Carroll County land that has been purchased for commercial development on Kensington Road near the county home.

A recent public meeting allowed the home supervisor as well as residents to voice their concerns and ask questions about the sale of land and how it will effect the establishment and its current and future residents.  Carroll County Commissioners Jeff Ohler, Doyle Hawk, and Tom Wheaton attended the meeting and fielded questions.  More after the jump...

The Carrollton Free Press Standard has an exhaustive article detailing the events of the meeting.  The crux of the matter is that 285 acres which were previously a farm for the home have been transferred to the County Improvement Corporation, but no promises or guarantees of any benefit from the sale have been given to the county home.  Instead, there have been some reassurances from the commissioners with no real specifics.

Read the entire article to get the full picture, and then come back here and discuss it in the forum.

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