The Tale of the Activist and the Energy Executives

What happens when an anti-drilling activist attends a town hall meeting where a natural gas company is sharing their future drilling plans with a community?  I would guess that the activist answer to that question would be nothing like the answer that the gas company's representatives would give.

That being said, you can get the activist's side of the story by visiting  More after the jump...

This particular activist, Michael McCarty, is a Colorado resident who has no interest in the natural gas company drilling anywhere near his home because of his fears of water contamination from fracking, from bad casings, from spills, from lack of regulation.  Basically, it would appear that in McCarty's eyes no one who has anything to do with the oil industry is capable of doing anything right except deceive the public.

I suppose this may be counter-programming to the overwhelmingly positive report regarding the oil and gas industry from the American Petroleum Institute that I referenced in an earlier post.  But it's interesting to read how this viewpoint too.

What do you think of Mr. McCarty's stance?  Do you agree that communities should stand up to drilling companies and try to keep them out?  Or do you feel that anti-fracking activists are short on tangible facts and blowing things out of proportion?  I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts, either here or on the message boards!

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