Rolling Stone Rips into Chesapeake Energy; Chesapeake Fights Back

Jeff Goodell goes on the attack against fracking - and Chesapeake Energy in particular - in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

In an article entitled "The Big Fracking Bubble - The Scam Behind the Gas Boom," Goodell tears into Chesapeake like a monkey on a cupcake, citing shady accounting and environmental negligence while implying that it is only a matter of time before the "bubble" bursts.

Chesapeake was quick to respond, with a release on their website in which Michael Kehs, the company's Vice President of Strategic Affairs and Public Relations, states that they "figured [they'd] never get a fair shake" and belittles the journalistic integrity of Rolling Stone.  More after the jump...
Goodell took to Twitter, responding by tweeting "Chesapeake, disappointed that I did not recite their PR slogans, responds to my Rolling Stone story," including a link to the Chesapeake article.

Clearly, the gloves are off.  I strongly encourage everyone to click here and view the posting by Chesapeake, which contains the entire Rolling Stone article down the right side and the company's response down the left.  Fracking is certainly the hot issue in connection with the drilling activity that is impacting our area, and this is just the latest, and can't possibly be the last, high-profile example of how great the divide is between those who are pro-fracking and those who are against it.

Where do you come out?  What do you think of the Rolling Stone article and Chesapeake's response?  We'd love to hear your thoughts here or in the forum!

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