Granger Township Residents Keep Pursuing Contaminated Water Lawsuit

Can you win a lawsuit based on scientific and chemical claims when the scientific and chemical facts are stacked against you?  It would appear that Mark and Sandra Mangan of Granger Township are hoping so, at least according to a recent article from Energy in Depth Ohio.

Alleging a primary concern of contaminated water from fracking activity in their area, the couple has been going after Landmark 4 LLC at the local and state level with no success.  They have now chosen - along with William and Stephanie Boggs, another area couple - to file federal lawsuits, according to an article in the Medina Gazette.  More after the jump...

In their lawsuits, they claim "that Landmark 4 LLC was negligent in the drilling, construction and operation of the Allard Wells and allowed pollutants, including fracking fluid, to be discharged into the ground or into the waters near Plaintiffs' homes and water wells."  They also claim that their "water wells have been contaminated, and that they have been and continue to be exposed to hazardous chemicals, including barium, manganese and strontium."

The problem for the lawsuit, according to EID, is that the Mangan water has been tested and hasn't revealed hazardous levels of any of those chemicals; in fact, strontium hasn't been found in their water at all.

After reading the articles from the Medina Gazette and Energy in Depth, what do you think of the lawsuit?  Is it just people trying to cash in on the anti-fracking sentiment, or do they have a legitimate case?  Discuss it here or in the dedicated thread on the message board!

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