View Detailed Ohio Well Information in Google Earth

Many have viewed the Google Earth map images we posted the other day showing the wells in Carroll and Stark Counties.  They give an interesting look at the amount of activity going on in the area.

Now you'll be glad to know that you can download the Google Earth Ohio well map files from the Daily Digger Forum.  You will have to register as a member (don't worry, it's free!) to access the "Well Maps" board and download the files.  You will also have to download Google Earth for your computer (there is a link to the latest Google Earth download in the thread - it's free too).  Once the files are opened in Google Earth you will be able to easily access detailed information on all Ohio wells.

From the "Well Maps" board, we have also linked to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources "Oil and Gas Fields and Wells" map, although it is a little bit harder to use than the Google Earth maps.

Just click on the "Visit Our Forum" box below to get started!

Thanks to BICS at GMS for uploading the maps.

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