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In continuing evidence of the jobs and economic benefits of the shale boom (you wouldn't think further evidence was needed to convince anyone that these are the benefits, but then again...), two recent articles highlight how more work is coming to Ohio.

The first comes from the Mahoning Valley Tribune Chronicle, and it looks at how Shell Oil's $2.7 billion cracker plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania stands to benefit the Mahoning Valley, which is less than 50 miles away.

"Many of those chemicals don't travel very well,  so they're going to have to build plants around the cracker," said Mark Kvamme, who is the president of JobsOhio.  "We see a huge opportunity in the petrochemical business, plastic business, also manufacturing, within about 100 miles of the plant."  More after the jump...

103 jobs have already poured into the valley from a $13.2 million plant being built by Houston-based company Exterran, with the possibility of 300 more in the coming years.  The growth is just beginning in the Valley.

A second article, this one from the Zanesville Times Recorder, highlights a variety of companies - mostly suppliers to the oil and gas industry - which are moving into the area and bringing jobs and money with them.

Most notably, Haliburton will break ground on a transportation hub in April.  Located on 178 acres in the EastPointe Business Park, this facility is expected to employ as many as 300 people in the coming years.  And this is just one of many companies listed in the article.

Meanwhile, a third article gives further evidence.  The Canton Repository reports that unemployment rates continued to drop in February for Stark and Carroll counties.  I have a feeling that the shale industry had something to do with that.

Whether you love or hate the idea of drilling activity, more trucks in your community, fracking, or anything else that goes along with drilling, you'd be foolish not to acknowledge that the shale boom brings substantial economic benefits and a lot of jobs to any community where it takes place.

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