Another Excellent Article on Fracking, this Time from National Review

Many different sources on the web claim to present the truth about fracking.  And several of these sources claim that the truth about fracking is that it poses no risk to our health when it is done right, while several more appear to feel that the truth is that fracking will destroy the world.  Someone is wrong.

A recent article on fracking from National Review - entitled, appropriately but predictably, The Truth About Fracking - brings up some points about the process that aren't usually talked about, while also dealing with some points that we have already touched on here at The Daily Digger (such as the fact that Gasland director Josh Fox has admitted to omitting facts that he deemed irrelevant in order to create a more sensational effect in his anti-fracking documentary).  More after the jump...

The article is a tad on the long side, and it deals with the fracking activity in Pennsylvania rather than Ohio, but it is a really good read for those who are trying to increase their knowledge of the activity going on in our area.  I highly recommend it to everyone.  And after you read it, swing back over here to discuss it on the message boards.

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