Canton Declares Itself the "Utica Capital"

Canton's new logo
Canton Mayor William J. Healy II announced Thursday night that Canton is now going to be known as the "Utica Capital."

The Canton Repository reports that the city had a logo designed by a local advertising agency, and unveiled the new moniker, which will be used in addition to the current slogan "Hall of Fame City," in a computerized presentation at the annual State of the City address.  The gray-and-blue "Canton, The Utica Capital" logo will be printed on city business cards and then distributed to oil and gas industry representatives.

"This is going to be the turning point that helps turn around the city of Canton and moves us into the limelight," Healy said following the speech.  "I believe that the exploration of Utica shale by the oil and gas industry and how we embrace this industry will be a defining moment in our history."

At the end of his speech, the mayor pointed to the new logo.  "That's the state of our city, and that's our future," he said.  More after the jump...

In further comments after his speech, Healy stated that "Canton is the largest city centrally located in the development of the Utica shale and gas exploration, (and) over the past several months, dozens of companies have been converging on this area searching for a place to locate their business."

Asked about environmental concerns associated with drilling, the mayor responded "I fully expect these companies in these industries are going to follow the rules and guidelines.  And if they don't they'll be in trouble (and face penalties."

"If we don't step up and take advantage of (growth in the industry), we're missing an opportunity."

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