FrackNation Seeks to Set Record Straight on Fracking

A new documentary film is being produced which promises to debunk much of the negative reporting that has been done around the country on the subject of fracking.

FrackNation is the title of the film from Ann and Phelim Media LLC, and yesterday they released the first clip of the movie on their website.  Their mission with the film is identified in the following quote from

There are two sides of every story and then there is the truth. 

FrackNation is the film that will tell the truth about fracking. 

People across the US told us that everything we had heard about fracking was wrong. They say that anti-fracking campaigns, one-sided media coverage and moratoriums and bans have damaged the lives of thousands of people who are now desperate to have their voices heard.

View the first clip from their video here at their site, along with more information about the project.

We'd also love to hear your comments about this documentary, either here or in the Daily Digger Forum.

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