New Video Shows Changing Scenery in Carroll County

Anyone who has lived in Carroll County for a while can tell you that it's changing in the wake of the shale gas boom.  There are a lot of new cars and trucks cruising around, and there aren't too many places available to buy or rent.

And the beautiful scenery of Carroll County isn't the same as it used to be.  Drilling sites, sites where drilling equipment is being stored, big trucks can't ignore the telltale signs that the oil and gas industry has a large presence in the community.  For some, this is a perfectly acceptable side effect of economic growth and lower natural gas prices.  For others, it's disappointing to see Ohio's Daffodil County lose some of its picturesque landscapes.  VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP...

We decided to go around and create what we hope is just the first in a series of videos showing briefly how the county has changed.  We visited the Shaw site, the Neider site, an area on Chase Road where pipe was run, the Panda Road site (which is a huge hub of activity in what was previously a fairly quiet little spot), and a couple of other rig sites along State Route 43.  We'll leave it up to you to interpret whether all of this is good or bad, we just think it's amazing to see how the county is changing and interesting to document some of the new sights.  And it is, of course, only just beginning.

Share your thoughts on the video here or on The Daily Digger Forum!  Note:  the video is available in up to 1080p HD by adjusting the playback quality in the YouTube player.

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