Energy In Depth Exposes the Truth in Response to Another Anti-Fracking Attack

EID to Paul Gallay:  Liar, liar pants on fire
Because there are so many concerns arising from the amount of noise made by individuals and organizations that have aligned themselves in opposition to the oil and gas industry in general, and fracking in particular, I think it's good to cover both sides of the continuing debate in the blog periodically to provide added data and help everyone in the area to gain additional insight into the facts behind the abundance of reports and statements out there.

Another example of an anti-fracker getting carried away in order to stir up others to feel the same way they do was exposed by - who else - Energy In Depth recently.  Paul Gallay, representing New York Riverkeeper, flew to California to...I don't know, I guess to incite attendees of the ECO:nomics conference against fracking.  Taking just two of the statements that Gallay insisted were facts and examining them against reality, EID rips his argument apart.

A snippet:

Of course, none of that’s either new or surprising for Riverkeeper – funded by the same folks who brought you Gasland and the Howarth Cornell study, Paul and his team are more than happy to do what they’re told. What troubled us, though, was his stubborn insistence, over and over again, that all the stuff he was saying was factual. “These are facts,” Gallay declared at one point. “These are not my facts, they are not his facts, they are just facts.”
All of which got us to thinking: Is it possible the Riverkeeper doth protest too much? If someone who’s telling you something feels it necessary to punctuate ever other sentence with the insistence that what he’s telling you isn’t a lie, wouldn’t you start to wonder if it actually was? We would. And so, we checked. Below are the two main charges Mr. Gallay leveled during his soliloquy this week, compared to what the facts, as they actually exist, actually tell us

Read the entire article and then come back to The Daily Digger to discuss how you feel about fracking and the methods its opponents use to attack it in the forum.

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